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Riverside Goat Milk Soap

About Soap

Soap making is a process that has been around for centuries. Dating back to 2800B.C. with the Babylonians making the first product from wood ash (later known as lye), fats and water. While we have come along way since then, it is essentially the same soap product.

We begin with the mixing of lye into fresh goat milk (or water or other liquid) and cooling to a specific temperature. Meanwhile the oils are measured, mixed and heated to a specific temperature. When temperatures are reached the two liquid mixes are combined. They are mixed (with hand blender) and left to rest at set intervals. 

Once a thick trace (pudding like substance) has occurred, quickly add the additives (fragrance/essential oils, flowers, mica's, etc) and pour into the mold. While the soap sets into the mold it will go through another extreme heat phase called gel phase. After it has cooled and set (overnight) then it is ready to cut. All our soaps are hand measured and cut. This does cause some slight variances with size and weight. However, all soap sold is 4 ounces or larger. The soap must then cure for about 6 weeks depending on humidity levels. Now it is ready to package, sell and be enjoyed!

There are many variables that come into play with making soap from scratch; so essentially each batch can and is different. We do strive to be consistent with recipes, but also expect uniqueness and enjoy each and every bar of soothing soap!